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Joining Forces for a Pristine Watershed: Celebrating World Biodiversity Day 2024 at Kulekhani Watershed in partnership with Markhu Sub-Division Forest Office, Kulekhani
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वन तथा भू संरक्षण बिभाग स्तरीय योजना तर्जुमा गोष्ठी
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Empowering Forestry Leadership: Dr. Swoyambhu Man Amatya & Dr. Gyanendra Karki’s Motivation and Coordination Class for Employees
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Interaction Program Related to Watershed Management Between Federal, Province and Local Level
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Celebration of World Wetland Day-2024
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Bathymetric Survey using RTK Eco-Sounder and Topographic Survey using RTK Drone
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गण्डकी जलाधार जलवायु उत्थानशील आयोजनाको आधारभूत सर्वेक्षणको क्रमका तस्बिरहरु
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Celebration of National Soil Conservation Day-2080
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Low Cost Training for User Group
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Demonstration of Green Technology in Rural Road
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बागमति जलाधार क्षेत्रमा जलीय स्वच्छता एकीकृत कार्यक्रम (नदि किनारा संरक्षण, बकैया गा.पा ३, चम्पाखहरे वस्ती)